Seven Sisters Healing

INTRODUCING: the SEVEN SISTERS HEALING COLLABORATIVE – an experienced group of independent Body-Mind-Spirit practitioners who offer a variety of counseling, consulting, education, and healing services.

For general inquiries, you may contact the Seven Sisters Healing Center, a counseling, education, resource and referral center in Montpelier - 802-229-5479. While some practitioners schedule appointments at the Montpelier Center, others can be reached directly at their private offices, by email, or through their own websites.

DHIRESHA BLOSE, psychotherapist, body-centered therapist and healing arts practitioner, offers individual counseling, consulting and energy healing. She has over thirty years counseling experience and use of hands-on healing methods that help to remove internal blocks to healing and restore the body's rhythmic energy flow. Learn more by calling the Seven Sisters Healing Center at 802-229-5479, or visit on the web.

NANCY DULAC is a personal growth and writing consultant providing assistance to those who request help to find clarity and direction as they move forward on their life journey, as well as offering individualized assistance with the preparation of written documents and publications. For more information, contact the Seven Sisters Healing Center at 802-229-5479.

WENDY HALLEY of Lucid Path Healing Arts in Northfield offers shamanic healing and introductory shamanic/conscious dreaming workshops. She is the author of several books including Slaying the Mouse: A true story of healing in the spiritual realms. To learn more, please visit her website or call Wendy at 802-485-5552.

GAIL MEARS is an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and Wellness Educator for Students and Youth and people with drug and alcohol addictions. Honored for excellence in her work in the field of substance abuse prevention, she offers dynamic counseling, education and prevention services. For more information, call the Center at 802-229-5479.

AMY MILLER, host of 'Connect with Amy Miller: Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit' a Vermont television and radio program, is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. Amy has a private practice in Central Vermont, which consists of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and mind-body healing. For more information, visit her on the web.

SANDY MORNINGSTAR, Body-Centered Therapist, works from the premise that the birthing process leaves a major impact on our body, mind, and soul development. She applies the science and theory of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, and the work of Wilhelm Reich in her private practice, where she helps us re-establish our connections to ourselves, our fellow beings, our universe and the Great Spirit within all things. She offers private sessions, classes, apprenticeships, and creative approaches to life's dilemmas. Learn more by calling 802-244-8882 or on the web.

KAREN SEIGLE is a clinical social worker, massage therapist, Reiki Master, and certified infant massage instructor working in private practice at the Montpelier Center. She is an advanced student of cranio-sacral therapy and incorporates all of these modalities into her healing practice. You may contact Karen directly by calling 802-454-8027.