About Sandy Morningstar

Credentials serve us by identifying the schools and programs we have attended. My Masters in Clinical Psychology was completed at St. Michael's College. The Embodyment Training was experienced in Lenox, MA. My Bachelor's degree was earned at Penn State.

My real training I owe to my own fascination with life and the humans and other life forms who inhabit the planet with me. Learning is life long - concepts and beliefs shift and expand - experience is gained as life is fully lived, out of the box, off the charts. When we are willing to risk our feelings, out truth, our compassionate connection to all life forms; when we can listen with our whole being, we can richly experience our connections with ourselves, our fellow beings, our universe and the Great Spirit within all things.

You can connect with me at 802 244-8882 or write to Sandy Morningstar, 1040 Scrabble Hill, Duxbury Vermont, 05676. I offer private sessions, classes, apprenticeships, and creative approaches to life's dilemmas.