About Ronald Thompson

My primary interest is to raise the quality of life for myself and for others. Professionally I do this through my general psychology practice as a licensed Psychologist-Master. I also give presentations and trainings on a psycho-spiritual model, Masterful Life-Performance, which I developed from insights coming from my experience as a major symphony musician, an electrical engineer, and a psychologist. Masterful Life-Performance shows how a person can invite technical excellence, social contribution, and calm gladness into their life.

Some professional accomplishments have been:

  • Facilitated peak technical performance and the reduction of performance anxiety (stage fright) in presenters, medical professionals, musicians, actors, writers, teachers, students and athletes.
  • Did formal research on the correlation between social intent and performance anxiety.
  • Designed and developed state-of-the-art prototype electromagnetic surge protection equipment.
  • Performed as a member of the National Symphony of Washington, D.C.
  • Taught an autistic child how to play improvisational jazz trumpet.

My education includes formal studies in psychology (Alfred Adler Graduate School), music performance (Juilliard School), electrical engineering (University of California at Santa Barbara), and theology (Episcopal Theological Seminary, Bloy House).

I love too many things to mention here, however my Internal Audience and my wife Maggie are at the top of the list.

You can connect with me at 802-279-8404, or by writing to Ron Thompson, 576 Lightening Ridge Road, Plainfield, Vermont 05667. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Ron Thompson