Guest Joe Dispenza, D.C.
January 22nd, 2008

Thank you.

JD Green for his support and assistance with the show.

Joe Amaral and Tony Campos for helping the vision of Connect become a reality.

Mel Huff and the Times Argus for their support of this project.

Dan Casey, Barre Opera House who went above and beyond to help pull this evening together.

Crew Zach Zorn, Libby Cookson, L. Viss excellent work.

Abby Jenne and Dave Keller for sharing their talent with us.

Valerie and Richard Beaudet From Emslie's for helping make the stage beautiful.

Linda Ormsbee for traveling to Kripalu to talk to Joe with me.

Darlene McCormick and Mad River Web for the hard work and creativity.

Sandy Morningstar for all that she has taught me.

To my friends Lise, Leslee, Lorraine, Tanja, Linda, Deb, Annette and Carol – just for being my friends.

My clients for all that you have taught me and shared with me. I can't imagine a better way to spend my day.

Stuart Graves and Lyn Wakefield for recommending that I watch "What the Bleep"

Mark Schultz and Lyn Wakefield for everything.

Joe for writing his book and traveling to Vermont to inspire us.

My parents Frank & Regina Miller and brother Scott for their love and support.

Sean McVeigh for being the Man in my life.