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Music & Vocals by Abby Jenne
Lyrics by Amy Miller, see below.

Lyrics inspired by the work of Wilhelm Reich and my own personal experiences. Below is a sample of the lyrics of the album which debuted January 22, 2008.

My goal when writing the lyrics for 'Connect' was to provide people with a different way to understand their soul and human suffering in general. When we are in pain we do not necessarily know that it part of the human condition, part of our journey. The lyrics describe some common experiences that we have and end with a resolution in most songs.

Wilhelm Reich (check out the butterflies on the home page) describes six character defenses that we each display to some extent, though can identify more with some that others. When you listen to the lyrics try to identify which defenses describe you best. This is a starting point for the soul work. It identifies belief systems that we created in childhood that often do not serve us in our adult life.

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Power Animal T-Shirts

Stephanie and Cassie in their power animal t-shirts.

When an animal crosses your path or you have a certain affinity toward an animal, it is the universe trying to tell you something.




Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

Can you see it?

Can you hear it?

Can you smell it?

Can you taste it?

Do you sense it?

Are you connected?


The pain was so deep I could feel it in my bones
I didn't understand
Didn't know if I would survive
Didn't know why

It was in the past, things buried deep inside.
I couldn't keep it down - it was forcing it's way out.
There was no peace.
There was no sleep.


Patience - where did it go?
Anger - where did it come from?
Love - why can't I feel it?
What happened to me?

There have been times in my life when I could smell the roses,
When I could gaze at the stars and marvel at the vastness of the sky.
I stopped seeing the flowers and the night sky became something to fear.


I ran and I ran and I ran
Out of the house
Into my car
Drove down the road
No where to go
Just a need to escape

What a pattern it was to flee from the pressure,
To remove myself when the going got tough,
I felt overwhelmed with no way to soothe it,
There I went again


Can't you see I'm helpless
Can't you see I'm hopeless
I need you, please take care of me

I can't do it
I don't know how
I'm too afraid
I'll do it wrong


I don't trust you not to hurt me
I don't trust you not to use me
I don't trust you not to manipulate me
I must control you

I see so many ways that things could go bad
You could take my money
You could lie to me
You could cheat on me


Is what you are asking reasonable?
Are you trying to help me?
Do you want to control me?

I have resisted your advice
I have resisted your help
I have resisted your love
It feels like control


I'm waiting for that day
That day that I achieve perfection
I will know when I have arrived

Everybody is watching me
They are judging me
I don't look right
I don't talk right
I'm not good enough


When I feel, I feel deeply
There's a fine line between
Passion and drama
Everyday I try to keep my balance

What did you do?
It's the end of the world
What did you say?
It's a matter of life or death


Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

Can you see it?

Can you hear it?

Can you smell it?

Can you taste it?

Do you sense it?

Are you connected?
Are you connected?
Are you connected?