Abby Jenne - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Abby Jenne is pigeon-toed. Abby was born in Exeter, NH. She started playing piano when she was 5, cello at 9, and guitar at 14 and has been performing in front of others since she can remember. Since then, she has starred in musicals, played in coffee houses, dropped out of school, waited tables, played on street corners and parking lots and at bars all over the country.

After moving to Vermont in 1996 (completely by accident, house sat for two weeks, got a job, married a native, formed a band, divorced a redneck, moved to Montpelier) she's recorded an EP, won WNCS's open mike open, has had songs featured in two films, has been featured on the Point's 5'O-clock shadow, and been played on radio stations as far away as Arizona, California, Oregon and China. She released her debut album "Random Road" in April 2004 which received good reviews even though a few of the songs were written in twenty minutes or less. She has been a guest on WCAX's Late Night Saturday and was featured in an article in Vermont Woman Magazine in December 2006.

Abby is heard in the opening and closing credits of "Connect with Amy Miller." Currently she is working on "Connect," an album specifically for the show.